Retail Spaces

Our Ground Level Multi-purpose Space is your ultimate source for commercial retail spaces, housing local and international high-end brands operating on a micro footprint scale.


Our strategic stunning locations have great visibility, quality build-out, high-end finish, and caliber glass walls.


As our portfolio of best-in-class retail properties continues to grow, we only want the best commercial and urban retail offerings. Our spaces provide retailers with unique opportunities to reach urban clients and shoppers where they work, live and shop.


Our tenants, members, and clients can enjoy the flexibility of our terms and spaces including hosting or attending top-notch events, state-of-the art equipment, world class recreational facilities, modern business solutions, and artificial intelligent enabled technologies.


Our spaces will impress our retailers guests and customers, ultimately contributing success to their brands.


Make our space YOUR space.



Golf Retail

$8500 + gst per month

Retail 01

$3,500 + gst per month

Retail 02

$2,500 + gst per month

Retail 03

$2,000 + gst per month

Coffee Retail

$3,000 + gst per month

Healthcare Retail Office

$1,500 + gst per month

Micro-Gym Retail

$2,000 + gst per month

Retail Office 01

$1,500 + gst per month

Retail Office 02

$1,500 + gst per month

Retail Office 03

$1,500 + gst per month


Ground Level Floorplan