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Backbone Offices is a membership based business community. Expand your network, and expand your business. We’re dedicated to helping our members grow their business! Use us to connect with other businesses, and expand your horizon. We are helping pave a better future for our business members. Make use of us as platform to promote and market your business. Use our solutions to systemize and simplify your operations. In order to engage our community and benefit, you must be a member.

Only $42 to be a member.


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BackBone Offices membership has many more benefits and creates opportunities for its members beyond a great place to work, meet, and present. Perhaps the best opportunity and the motivation behind many members joining a Business Club are the networking opportunities. Networking is a crucial part of success in the business world, interacting and engaging with like-minded people who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships, can be the key to growing a successful business. After all it’s not what you know, it’s often who you know and business clubs are renowned for being home to the ‘movers and shakers’ of the business world.


If you want to raise your business profile and expand your networks, join our Business Club and attend its networking events. It is never a waste of time to attend an event as there is always valuable information learnt and promising connections to be made. Meet new attendees (and potential clients), learn new ideas, and discover new insights and how-to-knowledge that can surely impact your own business.


Attendance is generally free for members, or otherwise discounted (special events). Non-Members are allowed to attend as guest but will pay an entrance fee of $20 (minimum).


Hosting an event is undoubtedly a powerful and effective marketing strategy. If you are holding an event, creating partnerships and bringing people together, then you are automatically seen as a leader. If your events share valuable information and your attendees leave feeling that it was worth their time, you leave a positive impact. You are doing something that your competitors are not. Hence, we created this platform where our members (and non-members) can gather in one venue. Presents ideas, build brand awareness, promote and present opportunities, invite potential clients, grow your target market, create branding recognition, and most of all make face-to-face connections.


We have various effective means in promoting your event:


Events Calendar – this is updated in our website daily
Email Newsletter – a calendar of events is sent to our subscribers
Social Media – promotion through social media channels
Online Marketing – event marketing on specialized event based websites


*Only Backbone Offices Qualified Business Club Members are eligible to host.

** Flex space package is sold separately and is additional to the Business Club promotional package.


Business Mailing Address $50 per month (Business Mailing Address, Private Dedicated Mailbox, Directory Board Listing)



Flexible – pay as you go



You will have a prestigious commercial address tied to your own business office. It is not a PO Box sitting inside a post office.

You can use your commercial address to register corporations or open bank accounts.

Receive important documents, invoices, and checks from legal entities, sub-contractors and customers in one place.

Maintain a permanent channel for your vendors and customers to communicate with you.

Using a commercial business address will give you a professional image and will show that you are a legitimate business to your customers since the address will show up on the map as an office complex. This leads to more trust and credibility with your customers and vendors.

Provides a local business presence, without being physically on site.



After you sign up for our Basic Membership (click here to sign up), you will then be assigned your own commercial address complete with your own unique office number.

This is a direct mailbox only for you and you have your own key.

Directory listing in our reception area for your company name is included.


Can you imagine a workplace without coffee and tea? Not all of us can start (or end) our day without it. It’s a simple pleasure, but it’s one that people depend on.


Our valued tenants can enjoy several brands of complimentary coffee and  tea whenever they feel the need. Instead of a 20-minute or 30-minute trip to a coffee shop, it is just quick trip to the designated coffee bar area on each floor. It is self-service so no need to leave the building or wait in line.


We provide a wide selection of coffee blends and quality teaja organic teas to make sure our tenants and members are satisfied.  Our stocks are replenished every week so there’s always available coffee and tea for you.




Whether you are about to start your day, need to wake yourself up, or going to a coffee break with your colleague, enjoy and indulge only with the best quality products from us.




Living up to the high-tech demands of our client’s businesses, we provide you fast and reliable high speed internet. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with our High Speed Internet Connection  powered by Shaw & Telus. We provide a redundant internet connection with failover policies to ensure that you’re always connected.



We bond multiple 300MB connections to provide you with an office grade internet connection.  Our bandwidth is shared and load balanced with our valued clients using commercial grade networking equipment provided by Cisco Meraki.  We are currently able to expand to a 1.2GB connection, and continually add bandwidth as our usage increases.

In addition to your dedicated hard wire internet connection, the space is also outfitted with commercial grade WiFi access points powered by Cisco.  This will provide you and your guests ease of use throughout our common areas, and meeting spaces.



For quick short-term access to the internet, we have also provisioned computers in our Internet Bar areas for the convenience of yourself and your clients.

Our Wired and Wireless solutions provide for a seamless user experience and reliable internet connection.  Internet for regular office use is only $50 per month. If you’re an I.T. company, or otherwise need, a higher level connection, we can provision a custom connection appropriate to your needs.



Do you need internet outside of the office, in the city?  Imagine you are still connected even outside your office so no missed emails or online transactions.  AEO Internet-on-the-GO is powered by Shaw Go WiFi and we provide it for only $25 per month.

  • $50

    Per Month

  • High Speed Wired

  • High Speed Wireless

  • Contact Us

  • $25

    Per Month

  • AEO Internet-On-the-Go

  • Citywide Internet

  • Buy Now




We have the CANON imageRUNNER ADVANCE C256iF available for our members conveniently located just right outside the Executive Boardroom on the 2nd floor.

This is one of the best commercial units in the market where you can print, copy, and scan with high image quality, sharp resolution, easy text readability, and secured access. Print your documents with ease, style, and comfort. You can print whether you are in the office, or outside, therefore remote printing is a big YES.  With outstanding ease-of-use from start to finish. There is no need for you to bring your own printer to the office.  Paper and ink is stocked for you, saving you time and money.


What is Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C256iF?


This model is built on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE platform and is designed for advanced functionality, high reliability, and ease of operation. This platform offers many enhancements that support device customization, reliable performance, and features to meet the needs of diverse environments as well as the workflow requirements of our members.  It supports mobile solutions and integration with many popular cloud services like Google Drive and Box. Moreover, it scan and convert documents to searchable digital files in a variety of file formats.



To our Valued Tenants and Members, you can access our PRINTER PORTAL regardless if you are connected to our network or not.
Simply go  HERE and enter your assigned Department ID and PIN.

Access to the printer is exclusive to our valued tenants and members only. Send an email to admin to be assigned a unique DEPARTMENT ID and PIN that you can use to access the device via static IP. Whenever you use the device, it is recorded on your account. The total number of prints, copies, and scans is charged to our tenants and members on a monthly basis.


*Click here to become an AEO member.


  • Photocopy

  • B&W – 0.25 per page

  • Colored – 0.75per page

  • Print

  • B&W – 0.25 per page

  • Colored – 0.75 per page

  • Scan

  • B&W – Free

  • Colored – Free


*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Canon Imagerunner Advance C256if Manual



Maybe you are just starting a new business, or you have an established business and want to rebrand. Or perhaps you just want to improve your visibility and get the attention of potential customers. Whatever stage your business is at, signage should be a crucial part of your marketing mix if you want to make an impact and create a strong visual brand. It provides maximum exposure for your brand and business.


Why get signage for your business?



We have 5 Signage Options for you to choose from, with strategic locations for maximum visibility.


Directory Board Signage FREE for all our Tenants and Members.
Linear Window Signage $100 + gst per month
Retail Panel Signage Panel (Facing Visitor Parking) $300 + gst per month
Retail Panel Signage (Facing South Fraser Way) $600 + gst per month
Building Panel Signage (Large Panel, Facing East) $250 + gst per month




Forget the days of misplaced keys or fobs and then waiting for a replacement. Access our meeting spaces, event spaces, flex offices, and common areas seamlessly without any keys. We are providing a convenient way for our members to access our spaces, that is cost-efficient, better connected to our infrastructure, and easier to manage. Our access control platform, powered by Kisi and KUBE by WUN, removes manual processes by ensuring that our doors are connected to your account in real-time.


This advanced keyless access system technology allows you to just download the app to your mobile device (available on Android and iOs devices).  Easily tap a button on the app to open pre-approved doors. You can even open doors remotely for your clients or guests, saving you a lot of time and hassle travelling, and not missing any important deliveries.  This smart automation technology is configured to unlock doors automatically when it senses your paired mobile device is in close proximity. So no need for you to take your phone out of your pocket. Just walk right in.


One of the coolest and most convenient features made possible with this technology is sending your client or visitor a link via the platform when booking a meeting space.  Your client will gain access to the space through an access link that is active only for the specified time and location of the meeting. We want to provide our members with impressive technology and features that adds to their business reputation, and makes their lives easier.  Make an impression when booking a meeting space. Keyless access is secured, convenient, reliable, and gives better control.  This enterprise level technology is provided at no additional charge to our valued members!



Whether you’re holding a deposition or closing, meeting your biggest client or making a presentation to the board, our Executive Boardroom will meet all of your business needs. This space features a full range of audio visual equipment and presentation tools that is beautifully appointed with today’s latest technologies.




For superior Boardroom Solutions, we use Crestron. Crestron engineers advanced control and automation technology. Their extensive product range can be found in corporate offices, commercial buildings, and public sector facilities. Crestron’s solutions have been shaped over four decades of development and are designed, built and guaranteed to work together as a complete system. Crestron allows us to control and automate the AV equipment in our Executive Boardroom, all from a dynamic easy-to-handle touch panel – meaning you can focus on your meetings much more effectively.






You can find the main light switch and small touch screen keyboard just right behind the door.  Simply touch the touchscreen and it will activate the TV and Computer.


For instructions on how to use the Video Conferencing, simply click here.

Office Cleaning


We don’t want messy, uncleaned, and cluttered offices, right?
So for a squeaky clean and tidy office, add Office Cleaning Services to your package.

  • Office Cleaning

  • $50

    Per Month

  • Cleaned 2x per Month

  • Complete Office Cleaning

  • Dusting

  • Emptying of Garbage and Recycle Bin

  • Carpet Vacuum

  • Hard Floor Sweep & Wash

  • Window Glass Cleaning

  • Contact us to add this service

Live Telephone Answering

We have partnered with Intercon Messaging to provide you with the best value for live telephone answering services. Not only do you get a 10% discount off the monthly rates on an ongoing basis, but you also get your first month complimentary if you sign up for a 6 month agreement. How great is that?


* Exclusive to Backbone Offices Members only


To add this service, click HERE.


*Rates and Conditions apply.


PACKAGE A 30 $73.25
PACKAGE B 50 $97.75
PACKAGE C 100 $151.25
PACKAGE D 150 $184.50
PACKAGE E 200 $273.50
PACKAGE F 250 $327.25
PACKAGE G 300 $385.65
Additional Minutes:                          $1.35 per minute
Account Maintenance Fee:              $2.10 per minute 


Client Log In                                       $9.95/month

(includes: listening to your calls, on call scheduling, view and update contact numbers)

Basic Account Setup:                      $60.00
Adding Additional Services:            $2.10 per minute



The VIP package caters to the discerning business executive that is travelling through International Airports that are near to any of
our locations.
Pay the one-time fee of $2500 and reap all the amazing benefits below.

  • $2500

    One Time

  • Gift Basket

  • Catering (8 people)

  • Executive Boardroom (5 hours)

  • Bartender (cash bar)

  • Executive Assistant (off-site, 5 hours)

  • 4 Star Hotel (1 Night)

  • Black Car Service (Abbotsford International Airport)

  • Luxury Vehicle Rental (1 day)

  • Buy VIP Package