Business Club

BackBone Offices membership has many more benefits and creates opportunities for its members beyond a great place to work, meet, and present. Perhaps the best opportunity and the motivation behind many members joining a Business Club are the networking opportunities. Networking is a crucial part of success in the business world, interacting and engaging with like-minded people who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships, can be the key to growing a successful business. After all it’s not what you know, it’s often who you know and business clubs are renowned for being home to the ‘movers and shakers’ of the business world.


If you want to raise your business profile and expand your networks, join our Business Club and attend its networking events. It is never a waste of time to attend an event as there is always valuable information learnt and promising connections to be made. Meet new attendees (and potential clients), learn new ideas, and discover new insights and how-to-knowledge that can surely impact your own business.


Attendance is generally free for members, or otherwise discounted (special events). Non-Members are allowed to attend as guest but will pay an entrance fee of $20 (minimum).


Hosting an event is undoubtedly a powerful and effective marketing strategy. If you are holding an event, creating partnerships and bringing people together, then you are automatically seen as a leader. If your events share valuable information and your attendees leave feeling that it was worth their time, you leave a positive impact. You are doing something that your competitors are not. Hence, we created this platform where our members (and non-members) can gather in one venue. Presents ideas, build brand awareness, promote and present opportunities, invite potential clients, grow your target market, create branding recognition, and most of all make face-to-face connections.


We have various effective means in promoting your event:


Events Calendar – this is updated in our website daily
Email Newsletter – a calendar of events is sent to our subscribers
Social Media – promotion through social media channels
Online Marketing – event marketing on specialized event based websites


*Only Backbone Offices Qualified Business Club Members are eligible to host.

** Flex space package is sold separately and is additional to the Business Club promotional package.